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On the journalistic side of my career, I’ve been around and seen quite a lot.

I have experienced hilarious moments that made me laugh, I have heard stories that made me cry, I have met men of the underworld who sent fear down my spine, I have investigated the injustice of man to their fellow man…

I have seen the good, the bad, the hugely ugly…a shade of everything

Here are some of them produced into video.

Hannah Olugbodi is another victim of the alleged brutality meted out by men who claim to be operatives of the Anti-Cultism Squad Gbagada, and I went tracing how the mother of two was shot. I even visited a brothel! 🤐

When I received the call that Tmilehin had died, I cried…and my mind went back to the moment I prayed for him while he laid at the University Teaching Hospital in Ibadan, Oyo state.

I had taken the journey to Ibadan to do this video and help save him. 😥

Village people at work or just plain stupid? He took to armed robbery ‘to help his broke friend‘ and he chose his own street to operate. So, he wears a face mask!
Still cracks me up…sometimes I try to make these videos simple and straightforward. 😄

The story of Josa Arafat is one that validates the saying that impossible is nothing.
Thinking you would never take a ride with a crippled driver? Well, Arafat tells you, “When you see others in the vehicle sitting calmly you would join them.