In January 2017, I admitted that I had not made too many mistakes in my life and it’s probably because I do not take so many risks and that may also be why I am not yet where I wish to be in business.

So, every time I am part of a conversation that touches on my smart decisions and the tiny successes I have made, I try to control the temptation to say a lot because I do not need that delusion of feeling good with myself.

In any case, its not time to celebrate, except for one to whom little is plenty.

As far as I am concerned, money, properties, fame…will never be enough for me to get fulfillment.

I have always believed that “your success is directly proportional to the number of lives you have touched for the better” and a look at how well I have done this will be more fulfilling for me.

Few people never say thank you for the positive roles you’ve played in their lives, they feel no sense of gratitude, in fact they feel you gained something by your act of kindness.

But I don’t hurt because I redefined my symbiotic equilibrium.

I redefined the balance between things I do for humanity and the ones I do for reward; between things I do for love and the ones just to fulfill righteousness..and yes between my artistic and entrepreneurial dreams.

It’s another August, the month of my birth and fulfillment will be important in this next phase of life. However, getting that fulfillment will depend on how well I maintain the balance between these different shades of life I face.

So, let’s flush distractions from the mind, sieve dirt from the heart, remove the negative energy and eliminate religious exaggerations.

I start by forgiving everyone who’s hurt me, and I document it as a reminder of my resolve to love more and live more.

I forgive myself for all the things I have taken for granted. I forgive myself for the risks I have refused to take and for the ones I took too quickly.

I move to the next phase with a new resolve to enjoy my balance.

In few days when I mark my birthday, feel free to wish me a happy birthday but to be honeest, I am not celebrating the newness of life at my birth, I am celebrating a new life for the future.

My name is Keni Akintoye, I am a book of contrasting stories and I have found the balance for my stories!


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